MS Polymer Sealant YN-M1511

Size: 280ml or 300ml/ Cartridge; 200L/Drum
Customization: OEM/ODM service available
Samples: provide free samples
Packing: 24 or 25 cartridges/carton;
600ml/sausage, 20 sausages/carton

Tel: +86-15966176633
Product Details

Products Description

YN-M1511 elastic MS Polymer is an industrial general product, medium and high modulus, high elongation sealant.


1.It is a universal elastic sealant with a wide range of uses.
2. It can form lasting adhesion and maintain elasticity to metal,plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, coating and other materials.
3.It can be used indoors and outdoors and is suitable for elastic sealing of various joints.

Special Characteristics

1.Excellent weather resistance. Anti-UV, anti-ozone, can be used for internal and external sealing.
2.High-strength elastic bonding, used for board compounding and bonding of reinforcing ribs.
3.Long-term resistance to low temperature of -60℃ and high temperature of 90℃.
4.Environmentalprotection, clean odor, harmful substanc- es volatilized meet the requirements of national standard, European standard, and American standard

Storeage & Shelf Life

The shelf life is 9 months if stored in unopened-original package in a dry place at temperatures between +5°C and +25℃.
Technical Date
Skin Time5~40min
Skin time(mm)≥2.8mm/24h
Hardness Shore35~45
Max. tensile strength≥2.5MPa
100% Tensile Strength≥1.0MPa
Elongation at break≥400%
180° peel strength(stainless stee)≥4.0 N/mm
Volume shrinkage after curing≤2%
Anticlimate performance: 300~400nm xenon
arc lamp, 60W/(m².nm),65℃
No obvious crack & yellowish after 504 hours illumination
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