Size: 280ml or 300ml/ Cartridge; 200L/Drum
Customization: OEM/ODM service available
Samples: provide free samples
Packing: 24 or 25 cartridges/carton;

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Product Details


A latex-based adhesive that prevents shifting and loosening of blocks, stones and timber due to seasonal changes.


LIQUID NAILS YN-905, is a weather-resistant.
construction adhesive to prevent shifting and loosening of blocks, stones and timbers due to seasonal changes. Bonds together all stone, block and timber into one super-strong structure. Also ideal for repairs to loose stone, brick or block . Certified by UL Environment to meet the GREENGUARD Gold Standard as a low emitting material.

Recommended for

Bonding brick, concrete, stone and timber in retaining walls and landscaping applications.
· Garden walls / retaining walls · Walkways
· Capstones ·Steps
· Planters
Note: When creating structures higher than 2 feet in height, consult block manufacturer for specific construction instructions.

Not Recommended for

Water immersion applications


· Builds strong retaining walls and stonework
· Prevents walls from shifting
· Weather-resistant bond
· Repairs brick and stone hazards
· Exceeds ASTM C-557

Surface Preparation

Surfaces should be clean at time of adhesive application.

Applying the Product

Insert cartridge into caulking gun. Cut the tip on the nozzle at a 45° angle for a desired bead size of 1/4" or 1/2". Puncture seal inside the nozzle where the nozzle adhesive to the block on which the next course or capstones will be glued.


Contains organic solvents which may cause adverse effects to the environment if disposed of improperly. Place empty containers in normal refuse for disposal. Contact your sanitation department or household hazardous waste coordinator for information concerning possible re-use or disposal of unused solvent-containing adhesives and/or sealants.
The adhesive should be applied in a bead 1/2" from edge along the front and along the back of the block. Install the capstones or block within ten minutes after the adhesive has been applied.
Note: Do not allow traffic on stairs or use of walls for 24 hours after the adhesive application.
Do not apply to wet surfaces.

Product data

Type: Waterborne
Color: White
Appearance: Smooth
Application Temperature: 22-120°F(-5-50°C)
Service Temperature: -20 - 140°F(-29-60°C)
Adhesion: Excellent to most common building substrates
Extrudability: Good to 22°F(-5°C)
Consistency: Short, non sag
Bridging: Excellent, Bridges gaps up to 3/8"(1 cm)
Shear strength : 24 hours - 35psi
48 hours - 450 psi
7 days - 500 psi
Flexibility: Good
Durability: Excellent: estimated to exceed 40 years
Sag: Non sag in normal use
Water Resistance: Very Good
Aging: Excellent

Clean Up

Use mineral spirits or an adhesive remover.
Freeze-Thaw-Stable: Passes 5 cycles
Bleed: None
Staining: None
Odor: Very mild latex
Drying Time: Completely dry in two weeks
Paintability: Paintable with oil or latex
Weight Per Gallon: 11 pounds (4.99 kg)
Viscosity: 400,000 CPS
Flammability: Nonflammable
Flash Point:>205°F(96°C)
Coverage: 10 oz.(296 ml) 30 lineal ft. using 1/4" bead
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of purchase
Specifications: Exceeds ASTM C-557 VOC: <7% by wt.(<70g/l)


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