PU Foam YN-40

Size: 500ml or 750ml / PC

Customization: OEM/ODM service available

Packing: 12pcs/carton;15pcs/cartions

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YN-40 is a single-component, moisture-curing PU foam especially developed for applications at temperatures of as low as -18℃. While the foam cures it does not break and brittle and thus enables efficient installation and insulation with eyrellent adhesion to all building materials.


1. Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces such as  UPVC, masonry, brick,block work, glass, steel, aluminum, timber and other substrates (except PP, PE and Teflon)
2. Good filling capacities;
3. Application temperature is between - 18°C to +35°C;
4. Optimal application temperature is between + 10°C to +25℃;
5. It contains CFC-free propellants which are harmless to the ozone layer.
6. It has extremely good properties on low temperatures.

Typical Uses

1. Structural joint for all size of buildings, Protective glass sealant;
2. Curtain wall
3. Excellent unprimed adhesion to wide range of substrates including coated,enameled,and reflective glasses;anodized and polyester coated or painted aluminum profiles including most fluoropolymer-based paints.


1. Installing, fixing and insulating of door and window frames;
2. Filling and sealing of gaps, joint, openings and cavities;
3. Connecting of insulation materials and roof construction;
4. Insulating the electrical outlets and water pipes;
5. Heat preservation, cold and sound insulation;

6. Packaging purpose, wrap the precious & fragile commodity, shake-proof and anti-pressure.

1. Shake the aerosol can for at least 40 seconds;
2. Clean and moisten surfaces with a water sprayer prior to application;
3. Fit the gun or straw on the adapter; Firmly screw the can on the adapter and turn the flow adjustment screw;
4. Fill the holes and cavities. Bottom up during application;
5. Foam will be tack-free in about 10 minutes; Excess can be trimmed in about one hour;
6. Fresh foam can be removed using Homey Foam cleaner or acetone. Cured foam can only be removed mechanically.

Storeage and Shelf Life

12 months in unopened packing storeintemperature between 45°C to + 25℃.
Keep in cool, shade and well ventilated area. Always keep the can with the valve pointed upwards.


750ml/can,500ml/can, 12pcs/ctn for both Manual type and Guntype.
Gross weight is 300g/can to 1000g/can upon requested.


1. Do not breathe spray/vapor; In case of eye contact, flush with water and get immediate medical attention;
2. Use in well-ventilated areas;
3. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and goggles;
4. Keeb away from direct sunlight and do not expose temperatures over 50℃;
5. Do not burn or pierce even after use;
6. Keep away from heat, sparks, flames and static electricity;
7. Turn off sources of ignition (pilot light etc. );
8. Keep out of the reach of children.


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